Convert Your Followers Into Subscribers

Subscription-based earnings have been a popular tool to generate revenue. Not only is it recurring, but it also ensures income predictability. At Fahdu, we aim to maximize the creator’s benefits while ensuring a hassle-free content consumption experience for their fans/audiences.

Our subscription model is built to benefit both the creators and their fans. 

How Fahdu’s subscriptions make money?

Here’s all you need to know about Fahdu’s subscription:

  • Like any other subscription-based model, Fahdu’s subscription models also work by converting followers into subscribers by charging a subscription fee.

  • The subscription fee might be on a monthly basis, quarterly basis, or even yearly basis. 

  • Creator needs to fix the subscription amount. The charges depend on the creators.

  • Once the creator fixes the subscription fee, they need to have their audience and earn money through subscriptions on Fahdu.

Make money with subscriptions!

While we offer several content monetization features, subscriptions and paid live streams are our super-hit services to make good earnings as content creators.

Benefits for the creators

The creators can enjoy a fixed, recurring income on their content. This will ensure stability and encourage them to create and render quality content.

Benefits for the audience

By paying a fixed amount, they will be able to access all the exclusive content that their favorite creators have posted. Moreover, they would also get to connect with creators at heavily discounted rates.