Monetize Your Timetext-circle, Get Paid To Chat

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As creators or influencers, it's almost impossible not to get your DMs flooded with chat requests. And yes, it's unfeasible to respond to all of them. And even, who wants to chat for free? But how about a platform where you can connect with your fans and earn money by chatting in India? Fahdu is here to make it possible.


How To Earn
Moneytext-circle Through Chatting?

Fahdu's Paid Chat feature lets you generate revenue and gives you the flexibility to set your price.


    Here's how you can chat and get paid:

  • Sign up on Fahdu and become a creator to access exclusive features.

  • If you are already a creator, you must create a chat profile, after which you can add topics.

  • Set your rate now, either on pay per message basis or a flat rate for the entire chat.

  • Set the availability in terms of date and time.

  • Accept and decline the chat requests from your fans and earn money with chatting

Your Time Is Too Valuable ToChattext-circle For Free


Have you ever considered that significant chunks of your fans who love interacting with you may not always be comfortable with video calls? But it wouldn't be fair to exclude camera-conscious fans. Therefore, Fahdu's paid chat feature lets you engage with your fans, followers, and clients.

Unsure about the safety? Rest assured that PhonePe secures and authenticates all Fahdu payments so you can focus on earning by chatting in India.

What's stopping you? Get paid to text chat and maximize your profits.