Unlock The Power Of Livestreaming

Live streaming has allowed creators across the globe to connect to larger audiences in real time. Have you ever wondered how helpful live streaming could be for earning revenue? Why waste your following when Fahdu can monetize it all?

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Goals is another bomb concept under paid live streaming.

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How to make money via live streaming?

Creators, it's high time you monetize your live video content. Let us help you earn better with Fahdu's Paid Livestream app.

  • Firstly, sign up on Fahdu and become a creator.

  • Now, set your livestream charges as per the requirement. You can set different fees for followers and subscribers.

  • Select the "Go Live" option for the home screen, and by agreeing to the terms and conditions, "GO LIVE."

  • You can add "Tip Goals". If not, click on next.

  • Select the audience you want to host the live stream and earn money.

  • Tap on- "Go Live" and interact + get paid to live streaming.

  • Generating income on Fahdu has two channels- Pay Per Minute basis and earning through tips.

Fulfill your money making dream

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