Fahdu’s Referral Earning Lasts Forever! 

Do you have a lot of friends? Then, it's the right time to introduce yourself with the double decker referral program. Fahdu, refer and earn app can be a life changing experience for the creators.

Well, you might have heard about numerous referral programs, but our referral program is unique.

The refer earning app, Fahdu helps you to make a lifetime of earnings. You have to refer the app to a creator and earn 3% of their earnings for lifetime. If that creator refers the app to another creator, you will earn 2% of their earnings for lifetime.

On Fahdu, you need to get your friends, family, and acquaintances on board through refer and earn money by putting away your 9-5 job because this can be your lifetime earnings.

How to make money by referrals?

Fahdu takes claims seriously. We mean it when we say we promise a lifetime of earnings.

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    At Fahdu, you get two-level referral benefits- Primary Level and Secondary level.

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    The person who directly refers becomes the 1st level referee (primary level).

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    The people directed by your 1st level referees become your 2nd level referees (secondary level).

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    Creators receive a 3% share of earnings from 1st referral and 2% from 2nd level referees.

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Fahdu referral in a nutshell

Here, we describe our double-decker referral scheme.

1st Level Referral

  • On Fahdu, creators can boost their money by earning through referrals.  
  • Suppose a creator "A" refers Fahdu to 100 people. These people become their first-level references.  
  • From these 100 people, "A" will receive 3% of their earnings.

2nd Level Referral

  • These 100 people willing to earn money through referrals will refer others, creating a 2nd level referral for "A." 
  • "A" will receive 2% of earnings from this level. 
  • Unlike other referral programs, Fahdu's twin-level referral program offers lifetime benefits and is the best referral program in India.