Monetize Your Communication With Paid Video Calls

As creators, you must regularly connect with your clients, fans, and followers. And how about you get paid to communicate with them? You can monetize your connection with your fans or followers.

Video calls have become a standard communication method, be it clients or connecting with fans.

Imagine you, on average, make 10 video calls per day, which can account for 300 calls a month.

Imagine the revenue creators can make if they get paid video calls.

Good news! With Fahdu, it’s possible!

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voice call image

How to earn money by video calling?

Creators, let us help you earn money by video call. Here are a few steps you need to know if you want to start earning through video calls.

Make your content creation business profitable, and get paid to video call with Fahdu.

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  • You need to sign up first and become a creator on Fahdu.

  • If you are already a creator, start creating your video call profile and add topics for your live video call.

  • Now, set your call rate on pay per-minute or flat rate for the entire video.

  • Now, accept or decline the requests for your fans and make money on Fahdu.

*Creators can change the rates based on the topics, clients, or special events on pay-per-minute video call.

Making money is just a video call away!

Creators are the new-age digital entrepreneurs. As easy as it may seem, making money as a creator takes work. But with Fahdu, everything is possible.

Fahdu is one of the best video monetization platforms, and we aim to empower our creator friends like no other.

Who could have thought that online video calls could fetch you income?

Your fans and supporters would love to have one-on-one conversations. Paid video calls are the best way to execute all these. Connect with your genuine followers today.

With Fahdu features, creativity and revenue are limitless. Handcrafted to boost your income, Fahdu-the best platform to monetize video, is your one-stop shop to step up your content creation game.

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