Monetize Your Conversations with Fahdu

Our platform is all about generating smart revenue for content creators, and with this paid audio/video call feature, we intend no less! You can talk to your followers in real time and provide professional voice consultancy about your brand or product. This feature will make you earn money through voice chat.

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How to earn money from audio calls?

Who could have imagined that there would be a time when one could get paid to make phone calls?

But now that we have cracked this let’s familiarize you with the feature.

  • Sign up on Fahdu to become a creator.

  • If you are already a creator, create your voice/audio profile and add topics on which you will communicate.

  • Now, set your rate, either on pay per minute basis or a flat rate for an entire voice call.

  • Set your availability as a date and time and get paid to make phone calls.

  • Once it's done, your followers can send the request. Accept or decline it.

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Bring your business to smartphone with Fahdu

One audio call daily keeps moneylessness away, as long as it’s done on Fahdu!

Who says brand collabs are the only way to generate social media income? Creators, here’s your chance to take your audio call earnings to the next level with our Fahdu feature.

All you need to do is sign up on Fahdu and make money through paid voice calls. You can also reward your loyal fanbase with a glimpse of you and earn money via our paid live stream and video call.

Packed with features and made with love, Fahdu will indeed step up your social media earning game. Happy creating!