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Wandering, what does Fahdu offer that others don't? So, Here why's you should join our creator monetization platform.

Wheel of fortune
  • Get all paid expense foreign trips.
  • Register to Fahdu's leaderboard program
  • Complete simple tasks, and win your FREE international trip.
Double decker referral program
  • Enjoy a lifetime of earnings with our referral program.
  • You may have heard about many schemes, but "hamara wala alag hai".
  • You just need to refer Fahdu app to creators and start earning.
Create and collaborate
  • Create content and collaborate with massive brands.
  • All you need is your phone, creativity, and Fahdu.
  • Start earning with this exciting feature.

Sign up and earn from social media

Guide for creating an account on Fahdu

Setting up your profile on Fahdu is straightforward. Here are a few simple steps.

Sign up
  • Create your account through email
  • Choose a username and password
  • Enter the required information
  • Submit your Instagram ID.
  • DM the code to us on Instagram and get verified. 
  • You can even get verified on WhatsApp.
  • Create your content and share.
  • Set your own prices.
  • Build your community.
  • Reap the benefits of Fahdu feature.
  • Earn Money through the content.

Fahdu! The Only Door To Your Dreams

Take creative control, attain financial freedom!

On this video monetization service, you are your own boss.

  • Earning money from social media is a tough battle. Therefore, bring the power of gram and tube on Fahdu and start earning

  • Fans are your greatest asset. Unfortunately, many trollers criticize but view your content for free. Use our monetization tool to reach real followers.

  • Win your audience's support and make genuine earnings. At Fahdu's content monetization platform, creators can make money online.

Create it! Post it! Cash it! Just Fahdu it

Create As You Wish

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