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Content Planning Tools to Keep Your Strategy on Track

October 30, 2023

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Imagine yourself on a journey of creating a masterpiece as an artist, weaving creative images and videos. Here, you are creating captivating stories that inform and engage audiences. But since the digital world is chaotic and every corner is filled with distractions, you are unable to manage everything.

This blog is a sign that you are going to unlock a hidden treasure. Multiple content planning tools can come in handy to guide you through the stormy winds of content creation. With the right tool in hand, anyone can succeed in this digital realm. In this blog, we are going to uncover some of the best free tools for content planning.

What are content planning tools?

Content planning tools can be helpful for content creators as they help them stay on track by scheduling, organizing, and managing the content. The tools come with various features that aim to streamline the process of content creation in the digital world. In a digital universe filled with fake content, it is essential to maintain authenticity while ensuring consistency and maximizing reach. However, maintaining authenticity is the most important goal. Free content planning tools are an ideal choice to complete all the requirements.

What are the benefits of content planning tools?

As a content creator, you have a lot on your plate, and managing everything can be really time-consuming. Content planning software can be really beneficial in such scenarios. Let's understand a few benefits.

  • Aligns with your content
    As a creator, you have to handle multiple social media channels, which can be really confusing. Here, content planning softwares are really helpful since they help you plan and develop content straightforwardly.

  • Helps to stay consistent
    You have to be consistent as a creator because timely the amount of materials required to be successful grows. Content marketing planning tools help you do this so that you can post the content in a timely manner.

  • Keep you organized
    There are many tasks required to post content on social media. With the help of content planning tools, one can easily save a lot of time and even keep things organized.

Top Tools for Content Planning

Here are a few of the best content planning tools: tools for organization and planning



Trello is a visual platform that is the digital equivalent of posting post-it notes on a whiteboard. But there is so much more to it. It's a dream come true for creators regarding project management thanks to its intuitive user interface, card-based task assignments, and seamless integrations. It comes with boards, lists, and cards, which provide a visual representation of the content planning process. Moreover, collaboration is seamless on Trello. Everyone can contribute and stay updated on the progress.

  • Trello lets you use boards and cards for project management.
  • One can easily allocate tasks to other members.



Think of it as Excel with more features. It is a hybrid database that combines the power of spreadsheets with various functionality, such as storing ideas for video content and tracking audiences' feedback. Invest in content organization software that is both dynamic and adaptable. Users can readily create custom fields, tags, and categories. As it comes with collaborative workflow features, it makes it an ideal tool for team-based content creation.

  • It helps track tasks and set deadlines.
  • One can easily schedule and publish content.



It is the app's par excellence for taking notes, and its tagging and search functions genuinely set it apart from the competition. Everything, from scribbled ideas to detailed outlines, can be neatly filed in its appropriate place here. It is regarded as the best app for content brainstorming with a tag-based organization. Note tags and the Evernote Web Clipper browser extension are two of the useful features. If you want to save a lot of information, organize it, and access it anywhere, Evernote is an ideal option.

  • It offers collaboration features for team members.
  • Easy to organize content ideas through notes.


content-planning-and-organization- tool

Streamlines tasks establish milestones and guarantees everyone is on the same page. Asana is ideal for creative professionals who work together on projects. It is a popular tool for content planning that facilitates effective collaboration among teams. It comes with a clean and user-friendly design, which helps create projects and tasks and allows efficient content planning and organization. The features help with effective collaboration and communication among team members.

  • Create a board to track your team's activity.
  • Content teams can use a free template to edit the calendar.

Google Calendar


Google Calendar is an excellent example of how simplicity can win in certain situations. The power of Google Calendar lies not only in its ability to record post-dates. It acts as a central hub for all of your content timelines, providing you with reminders, integrations, and color-coded categorizations. You can create new calendars, schedule meetings, sync meetings with your CRM, and even add a Google Meet to your event. You should schedule your next event through this tool.

  • Readily share content with team members.
  • It comes with reminder and notification features.

Get started with content plans

Content planning is an essential endeavour for content creators. It helps keep the strategy on track and ensures the content resonates with the target audience. We have provided you with a few tools so that you can collaborate with the team ideally and effectively. It's your time to start exploring these content planning tools and take your content strategy to the next level.

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