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How To Find The Right Brands For Paid Brand Collaboration?

February 28, 2024

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Brand collaboration is one of the effective and most powerful marketing strategies to boost brand awareness and increase sales. It is a primary key to business growth and even for the influencer’s growth in today's generation. Let's understand about brand collaboration.

Brand collaboration is a strategic partnership which is generally between brands and influencers/content creators. Creators and influencers get paid to promote brands. It can be a product review or even a simple video or image of an influencer where they are using the product.

It’s no secret why brand collaborations are growing.

Increase in visibility and reach? check

Get featured on popular brands' pages? Double check

Increase in Income? Hell, yeah!

We think this is your sign from the universe to look for the right brand and boost your online presence. But, how to approach brands for collaboration? How to pitch the right brand? How to get noticed?

A lot of questions, right? Hold your breath because this article can be your turning point. Let’s get started.

Steps you must follow

Identify the brands

The first thing you need to look forward is identifying the right brand. If you are a popular creator, there might be numerous brands engaging with you. That's where you have to take your first step. You must go through your followers, comments, and likes and see if any business engaging with your content. If yes, reach out to them first.

Check other creator's profile

Next thing you can do is check the feed of other creators. You must look for the brands who work with these creators. Make sure you take a look at their social media feeds like Instagram, YouTube, and more. You can easily find similar profiles to collaborate with.

Identify the brands you love

There must be some platform whom you adore and always wanted to work with. You can check which influencers are already working with them. There might be influencers relevant to your niche, check their profile and accordingly reach out to the brands in order to show them your work and see if they are interested in working.You can send them pitch directly through email by providing them with a few answers like who you are, what you do, why you're a good fit, and other necessary pointers.

Post consistently

You must continuously work on social media by posting regularly. It is an important element to brand collaborations. Instagram enjoys new content and even makes your content reach the right audience. Make sure you continuously collaborate with brands.

How to reach out to brands?

Every creator has a different niche which makes them reach the brand accordingly. But, there are general steps you need to follow in order to earn money by getting paid brand collaboration. Here is something you need to know.

Before you content a brand, you must understand the following requirements.

  • Make sure your content is plain and simple because that's what brands look for.

  • You must have a following even if it's a small one.

  • Having a community of 1,000 followers is ideal.

  • No need to be a huge influencer to attract brands.

When pitching the brand, here are a few requirements you must work on.

  • Who you are.

  • What your content is about.

  • Who your audience is.

  • What you like about the brand.

  • Make your media kit which includes links to your social channels, your number of followers, bloggers, and more.

Brand collaboration email template

Hey, (name) I've been using (brand's name) products for years now. And i loved your products and my favourite is (product name).

I'm (you name), an online creator and (niche) influencer. I have a dedicated and engaged audience of (your stats) on social media channels. My audience loves the products I share with them.

As I have been recommending some of my favourite products and the audience enjoys them. Because of this, it would be great to work together on some sponsored content with your products.

If you want to know more about me, you can check my social media profile (profile link)

Kind regards, (your name)

Final Words!

This is everything we want you to know in this article. You must review the same and work with some of the brands who can help in enhancing your brand awareness and even your wallet. We think you might need more knowledge about influencer platforms for brand collaboration, for that you have to stay connected to read out upcoming blogs.

Happy collaboration creators!

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