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How To Create An Influencer Media Kit -A Complete Guide

December 6, 2023

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How To Create An Influencer Media Kit -A Complete Guide

December 6, 2023

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Are you a social media influencer? Do you want to build a serious career out of your social media? If yes, this article can be a rollercoaster for you. If you can relate to the above questions, you must have a creator media kit. It is one of the best ways to showcase the brands of your work and your achievements in these years. An engaging and informative media kit can lead you to the land of professional deals as an influencer. But how? So, here is everything you need to know about the media kit of influencers.

What is an influencer media kit?

A media kit for influencers is a document shared with brands by content creators and influencers. It is generally shared when discussing the potential partnerships between the two. If you want us to simplify the same, you can compare it to a CV or resume, which tells everything about your professional life. It is a complete picture of your personal and professional world.

You have to include everything from your previous collaborations to achievements you have achieved in recent years. Ensure that your media kit is impressive and thoroughly demonstrates your taste. A media kit for content creators should be short and sweet.

What are the things to be included in the influencer media kit?

  • A short bio
    It is one of the most essential parts of a content creator media kit because it will be your first impression as an influencer. When writing your bio, ensure you add your name, where you're based, and what you do.

  • A complete list of your social media accounts
    You must provide a list of social media platforms. The brands looking for your media kit want to know more about your life and actions.

  • Case studies of successful brand deals
    Here, you can showcase the work you have done. You can brag about yourself as much as possible. The number of campaigns you have worked with, how long they lasted, and any concrete data you can give for the actual number of people. Ensure you are as positive as possible in the media kit for influencers.

  • Performance stats
    When it comes to social media, one thing that matters a lot is quantity. Your number of followers, engagement rates, and audience demographics are highly necessary to help your potential clients decide whether engagement and reach align with their brand's target. Ensure that you ideally include these in your media kit.

  • Photos
    Visuals are the first thing that grab people's attention and inspire them to stop scrolling. So, always include a few high-quality photos in the creator media kit.

  • Your rates
    You have to be upfront about pricing, as it shows your brands that you expect to be paid for your content. If rates do not go well with your media kit, you can send them separately to the brands. You need to note that the rates should be included at the end.

  • Contact information
    It should never be forgotten. When creating an influencer media kit, include your contact details, which will let brands know how to contact you.

How to create a media kit for influencers?

  • Start with some research
    The first step is digging into understanding the influencer media kit. But since you are reading this, you are already one step ahead. It would help to look for examples of popular influencers in your community. Check what makes it stand out and accordingly create your flavour.

  • Collect some data
    Next, you must collect all data, including stats and case studies about different influencers. You must check the complete info to see whether they are successful or unsuccessful. One more thing: pay more attention to stats showing engagement rather than numbers.

  • Cut out the unnecessary data
    Including every data other influencers have in their media kit is unnecessary and optional. If you think a particular stat does not represent how great you are, there is no need to include it. You must focus on the positive part and leave out something that won't make a deal. Honesty is the only thing that wins, at last. That's why don't lie in your creator's media kit.

  • Plan a look and use a template
    It would help if you planned the vibe you want from your media kit. You can get inspiration from the art you like, but ensure the style you settle on aligns with your content. If you prefer doing less hard work, go for a template. There are multiple templates online which are customizable. You can select the one which resonates with your needs and style.

What are the examples of creator media kits?

Here are a few examples of free creator media kits from which you can take inspiration. Ensure that you properly utilize every bit of the necessary information.


This influencer has included her followers and a cute bio describing her. As per the information we have provided, this influencer has included everything.



This is all about the influencer media kit. It's your creativity now. Media kit is a necessity for modern society. No matter whether you are a blogger or a newbie in the field, use the tool and create an engaging media kit for brand partnership.

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