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How To Build A Solid Social Media Content Pillar?

April 25, 2024

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How To Build A Solid Social Media Content Pillar?

April 25, 2024

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The digital world tells a new story every day, and every click opens a new possibility for content creators, making it challenging to stand out. Here, trends shift like sand in the wind.

Every brand here asks for attention through the success of crafting a content strategy that inspires, resonates, and captivates the audience. That's where the content pillar comes into play. It is a cornerstone of social media presence that provides a clear direction for every piece of content you create.

But what exactly is the content pillar for social media? How can one build it? What benefits does it possess? This article can come in handy to answer every question of yours. Let's understand further and get the answer to every question you have.

What are content pillars?

Content pillars are a set of themes or topics that focus on your content and communicate it to the audience through social media. These topics can also be regarded as buckets that represent the value of your brand and provide information about what you are all about.

It is one of the best strategies for helping you stay organized and giving your followers a clear idea. Let's explore this further.

What is the importance of content pillars for social media?

Social media content pillars come with multiple benefits. We will understand about the same here.

It helps you stay consistent

Solid Content Pillars is a great partner who always helps you with the content you must post. This ensures that your content is always on your brand, and it even helps build trust with the audience.

Skyrocket Engagement

Using pillars means you are creating content that speaks about your audience's interests and needs. If you are creating this way, you will be able to engage your audience with your content. All in all, you will successfully increase your engagement.

Saves plenty of time

When you define your pillars, you can streamline the process a lot. With a clear idea of what you must post, you'll be able to create your content accordingly.

What are the types of social media content pillars?

There are four key content pillars for social media that you need to know about. Here is a list.

  • Promotional content
    In this, individuals generally publish testimonials, reviews, case studies, and demo videos. Its goal is to drive sales.

  • Educational content
    In this type, one can post tutorials, checklists, how-to guides, FAQs, and more, which helps position them as experts in a particular niche.

  • Entertainment content
    It includes memes, funny videos, polls, and more, which help capture the attention of multiple audiences.

  • Inspirational content
    It comes with behind-the-scenes, motivational quotes, and more, which helps build an emotional connection with your audience.

Consider these types of pillars as they further help to connect with the audience readily. Each pillar brings something different to the table, enhancing the social media experience.

The process of creating social media content pillars

Work on your purpose

The first thing you need to work on is defining the purpose of your social media presence. What are you doing to make it? Will you be educating, entertaining, inspiring, or promoting the product or services? It would help if you answered these questions as they help define your purpose.

Understand your audience

Now, you must work on your audience in creating content which resonates with them. It can be done through research. It would help if you started understanding your audience's interests, preferences, demographics, and pain points. The type of content they prefer, and the challenges they usually experience. Understand these and create content pillars strategy accordingly.

Find core topics

The pillar you are creating should revolve around a few topics relevant to your brand and align with your audience's interests. It would help if you started brainstorming ideas that are timely and valuable to your audience.

Choose a content format and plan your calendar

It would help if you started experimenting here, which means defining the content format, such as videos, infographics, blogs, or podcasts, that go with your account. You need to mix and match and find what works well for you. Once you have done this, start working on your content calendar. It tells you when and where you will publish your content, and it will reach the audience at the right time.

Monitor and analyze

Now that you have a content calendar, you must monitor your performance and analyze the results. It would help if you tracked key metrics like reach, clicks, engagement, and conversion and checked the content strategy.

Examples of content pillar

It is a cloud-based customer relationship management software company. They have curated their social media content pillar in a way that includes customer success stories and even digital transformations.

You can consider their social media page, as they strategically create content that inspires and educates their audience. social-media-content-pillar

Final Words!

Building a social media content pillar demands a lot of planning, creativity, and adaptability. As we have mentioned in this content, understand them and work on your content pillar. You must understand your audience and craft content that resonates with them. So, create a strong foundation for long-term success.

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