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Fahdu: A Secret Sauce To Monetize Your Creativity

August 01, 2023

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Creating content has emerged as a powerful tool for individuals to express themselves, connect with the people around and share knowledge. Due to the continuous proliferation of content, there are multiple content monetization platforms to support the creators.

But still, multiple platforms are unable to offer satisfactory results to the creators. Are you also tired of these social media platforms not paying for your hard work and creativity? Are you looking for a platform that can pay you for your creativity? No need to look further; Fahdu is here to help you.

You might be new to this; in this article, we will delve into the features and other requirements you need to know about Fahdu.

What is Fahdu?

Fahdu is a new age and most innovative content monetization platform for creators to showcase their talent. The ultimate goal of this app is to deliver seamless results for the content creators to get paid for their efforts. This is not all; features can be a great bonanza for you. We will further understand the same.

What are the features of Fahdu?

Fahdu is known for its features. This easy-to-use platform offers multiple features that can be a bombshell for your content creation journey. Let us understand these features.

Referral earnings

You must have heard about the refer and earn feature, but ours differs from others. We want to enhance the earnings of our creators. To make it, you must sign up as a creator on Fahdu and refer it to your creator friend. We offer our creator the two-level referral benefit. The people you refer directly become your 1st level referee and will earn 3% of the earnings made, further who they, in turn, refer to become your 2nd level referee and will receive a 2% share of the payments made.

Paid voice calls

Another feature that comes in the row is paid voice calls. You can talk to your followers in real-time and earn the same. You have to be the creator of Fahdu, and after that, you can start voice calls to your fans. The best part is that you can set the rates accordingly. Set the rate either as pay per minute basis or a flat rate for the entire voice call. So, it’s time to generate income with Fahdu.

Paid video calls

Just like paid voice calls, you can benefit from paid video calls. You can connect with your audiences in real-time for consultations or client briefs. You can set a price and generate revenue from the video calls. So, it’s time to showcase your talent to your fans.

Live stream

Paid live streaming is one of the features of Fahdu. You can come live with your audience and monetize the same. We can offer relevant revenue from your live streaming on Fahdu. Creators can set their amount and enjoy the live-streaming feature of Fahdu. You can connect one-on-one with the audience, and live streaming can be highly profitable.


Wishlist features work in the best interest of creators. Every creator is willing to purchase any products they wish to have or have been eyeing for a long time. You can add all the items on your wishlist, and your fans will love to help you purchase the same. It is based on crowdfunding, where the followers can donate any amount as per their capacity.

Paid chat

If you are a creator and you enjoy doing chats, this feature is just made for you. You can now earn with paid chats. You need to add topics on which you want to chat, set your rates, and simply chat with your fans or followers.


Another primary feature is a subscription. Here there is a benefit for both creators and the audience. They can ask audiences to subscribe to any content they want and earn money accordingly. Audiences can enjoy the video content by paying a fixed amount.

How to create an account on Fahdu?

New to the Fahdu platform, no need to worry. We have got your back. There are a few simple steps you need to work on in order to gain access to Fahdu’s dashboard.

  • Sign up on Fahdu using the app or website. You must sign up with your email address, choose a username, and then the password and add your personal details.

  • Once login is done, you can embed your social media connections and ID documents. This way, your verification process is completed.

  • Now that you have become the creator of Fahdu, share your work by uploading them on your handle.

  • Now you can enjoy the benefits Fahdu offers, like referrals, subscriptions, and more, and earn money with them.

Wrapping up!

Online platforms are revolutionizing content monetization by empowering creators with significant control. Fahdu is one platform offering great help for creators and helping them connect with their genuine fans. Not only linking, you can even earn with us. Sign up today and take your passion to the next level.

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