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A Complete Guide To Fahdu Platform

April 4, 2024

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A Complete Guide To Fahdu Platform

April 4, 2024

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Hey creators!

You must be sick of using numerous social media platforms that are not yielding enough profits from your creativity. Well, this is not only your concern; multiple content creators need help with monetizing their content on social media platforms.

If you also fall into this category, we have created an incredible platform named Fahdu. It is a platform for content creators who want to monetize their passion. Our Platform not only helps you earn money, but it also lets you engage with fans and start successful brand collaborations.

Why choose Fahdu?

Let me ask you, why not? We offer a platform with diverse features, so why can't you start monetizing your content? From subscriptions and paid shoutouts to livestreams and brand collaborations, we have it all. We let you enjoy the real income you deserve. Today, more than 1,000 creators on Fahdu are earning handsome amounts. If they can, why can't you? We all want money to live a lavish lifestyle, and this application can help you achieve it.

Who is Fahdu for?

If you are a content creator and passionate about delivering something unique to your audience, you are the right candidate for Fahdu. No matter what your niche is—health and wellness or entertainment and astrology—Fahdu has something for everyone. With the value you provide, you can even monetize your content without putting in extra effort.

Whom is Fahdu not for?

We do not appreciate creators having less than 5K followers on Instagram; sorry, we only believe in growth and genuine engagement. This is a criterion that we have set to be a Fahdu creator. But stay motivated; you can quickly achieve the same by continuously posting the content by completing the milestone of 5k followers on Instagram through your valuable content.

What are the eligibility criteria to become a Fahdu creator?

In order to get verified on Fahdu, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria. Here are a few pointers you need to consider:

  • There should be atleast 5k followers on Instagram.

  • Your account should be public.

  • It would help if you had your own face on account.

What is the verification process for Fahdu?

Wow, you have made it here, which means you are eligible to become a Fahdu creator and ready to fill your wallets with megabucks. So, let's understand the verification process to get verified on Fahdu. Before we know the verification process, let us help you with the sign-up process.

To get started, download the Fahdu app from the Play Store or App Store.

After that, sign up on the Platform.

Welcome to the Fahdu application.

  • Now that you have signed up, it's time to verify yourself and get the verified batch. On the Fahdu application, click on the three lines (hamburger icon) in the top right corner.

  • After that, you will see an option to get verified. Click on the same.

  • Now, enter your full name and date of birth.

  • After that, enter your Instagram username. Add your other social media platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter. But the Instagram username is vital. After that, click on verify.

  • Now copy the message given and click on DM us. You will be redirected to Fahdu's Instagram chat. Here, paste the message.

  • Come back to the verification portal and select your ideal niche. You can choose a minimum of one and a maximum of five niches.

  • Here, create the username of your Fahdu account. Check the availability of the same and complete the process.

  • Click on submit, and now sit back and relax. The team will verify your profile within 24-48 hours.

How to optimize your Fahdu profile?

Congratulations—our team has finally accepted your request. So what next? It would help if you worked on your profile to make it engaging so that users can follow you. But how will you do that? Well, here are a few steps you need to consider when setting up the profile. You must have optimized your Instagram profile; just like that, you have to work on your Fahdu profile. Let's understand some of the pointers you need to consider.

Who are you?

Introduce yourself briefly.

What do you do?

Define your niche and passion.

Why must users follow/subscribe?

Explain the value you will provide to your followers and subscribers on Fahdu.

How to invite followers?

You have become Fahdu's creator. But what makes you a creator? Your audience, right? So, it's time to invite them and ask them to follow you. But how? All you have to do is share your Fahdu profile link on all social media platforms where you have a genuine following. Ask them to follow you on the Platform so that they can get access to your posts and engage with you quickly.

How to Post on Fahdu?

Now that you have signed up, optimized your profile, and even invited your followers on Fahdu, it's time to start posting. If you want to earn money, you have to regularly post on Fahdu.

Posting on Fahdu is pretty simple. We will tell you some steps that will help you lay the first stone on Fahdu.

  • Click on the "+" icon and choose the type of content (images/video) you want to post.

  • Now, select your audience- followers or subscribers. Then, post your content.

HOT LEAD- You can even schedule your post if you don't have time to post in real time.

What is the difference between followers and subscribers?

Let us ask you a question—do you know the difference between subscribers and followers? Some of you might know, while others are not. We are going to unleash the difference.

Followers- Your friendly observer

Followers are like friendly passersby. They have access to your profile, and by analyzing your content, they decide to follow you. However, your followers might not be fully invested since they are also following thousands of other accounts.

Subscribers- Your VIPs

Subscribers are like your VIPs, your super fans. By paying a certain amount, they get access to your premium content, which your followers can't see. They are more committed to your content, always cheering you up and leaving comments.

How to turn your followers into subscribers?

You have followers who regularly engage with your posts, but don’t you think it's better to build a deeper connection with your audience? You can do that by getting subscribers. But how are you going to convert your followers into subscribers? Well, you can quickly get them.

  • You must start posting top-notch content that captivates your audience. In addition to posting for your followers, you must also post content exclusively for subscribers. This will nudge your followers towards subscription. Everyone loves to feel special, so by providing some unique benefits, you can give your followers a reason to hit the subscribe button.

  • You must continuously promote your subscription feature across all social media platforms. It will help your followers get to know about the benefits and exclusive content you are providing on subscription.

  • Offer some discounts in the initial stage. It can be like 80% off for the first month for the first 100 subscribers or something else. It will motivate them to subscribe to you quickly.

Fahdu's ambassador program

Fahdu also offers an ambassador program. If you become part of this, your Fahdu profile will get promoted through Fahdu's ads, which in turn will increase your subscribers. So, would you love to join this? DM us, and you can be part of one.

What are the features of Fahdu?

We have told you how to be a Fahdu creator and how to start posting, but how will you earn through our Platform? Well, here we offer a few features that can fill your wallets with bucks. We have two categories. We will familiarise you with their

Fahdu Engagement Tools


The first most popular feature of Fahdu is subscription. Being a creator, you can provide premium and exclusive content to your subscribers, which they can unlock by paying a subscription fee.


You can engage with your followers in real time by providing personalized tips or guidance, and more through live streams. You can even earn money by doing so.

Paid chats

Fans always find a way to talk and get guidance from their favorite creator. With a paid chat feature, this can be possible. As a creator, you can receive messages from users and have personalized interactions by charging a particular fee.


It is a feature you can get in chat only. You can share images or documents through your client and charge for the same. This is one of the best ways for a creator to earn money.


You might have been desiring something for a long time. Now it's your time to get it through our wishlist feature. Upload the image, and your community will help you achieve your goals.

Voice/video call

You can connect one-on-one with your followers or subscribers and offer them exclusive advice over calls. Set your fees and start talking to your audience.


You can provide shoutouts to any creator or user on your profile and earn through this. You can even partner with any brand and give them a shoutout on your social media platform.

Brand collaboration tools

Paid brand collabs

Fahdu offers paid brand collaboration opportunities for creators. By exploring the desired opportunities available, you can partner with the right brand.

Affiliate marketing

You can earn with a link to a particular product. Share that affiliate link with your followers, and the brand will pay you 100% commission.

Brand awareness

You can partner with brands to feature their products or messages in Instagram stories. Here, the brand engages with your audience and earns based on the campaign agreements.

How to set fees on Fahdu?

If you want to earn on Fahdu features, you have to set your fees. It will tell the value you are going to offer to your audience. Well, a creator must set their fees. There is a simple strategy that you can follow.

  • You can become a stalker and find out your competitor's prices and accordingly set yours.

  • Make sure you launch a competitive price for your content.

  • It would help if you were transparent about your benefits at different subscription levels.

Do you know how to set your fees on Fahdu? No need to worry. Here are a few simple steps that you can follow.

  • Firstly, open your Fahdu application.

  • Now go to settings and click on the MANAGE REVENUE option.

  • After that you can see the fee setup option.

  • Click on that and set your charges accordingly.

Final Words!

This is all for today, creators! You have mastered how to use Fahdu, and you are all set to become a Fahdu creator. If you still need to sign on to our Platform, you should because we are doing our best to help you monetize your creativity. We have provided you with great features on our Platform That can ultimately help you grow your community and even your earnings. So, creators, get your hands on Fahdu and monetize your passion.

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